About Well Seeming Forms

Well Seeming Forms combines cloth, clay and pattern to create objects that are familiar and extraordinary, intimate and social, poetic and practical, fictional and functional.

Well Seeming Forms is a tactile experiment to provoke deep feeling through intentional space and common ritual.


About Aimee

While living in Brooklyn, I often visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One particular exhibit, ‘Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire,’  inspired me to explore the psychological potential of contemporary clothing and objects. 

I used to believe my childhood trauma caused me to detach from and rationalize my feelings. Many years and tears later, I realized that didn't have to be true and founded Well Seeming Forms.


About the Process

For me, there is little to no separation between art and life.  Before deciding on color or form, I reflect on my ideas of an emotion and the many facets I've experienced and have yet to experience.  Once I'm ready to create, I embrace every feeling as a new adventure. Completely engaged in the making process, I shape the cloth and clay with determined hands and fertile uncertainty.

All of the fabric is screen printed with natural dyes and all garments and ceramics are handmade in New York.  Every object is designed and produced in an ethical manner and I use sustainably sourced, organic, recycled and reclaimed materials whenever possible.

I believe the Earth has feelings too. Let's take care of each other.